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29 August 2002:

Not much to report, but I'd welcome any ideas for new features.

I'm about to do a bit of a rewrite, using a .conf file to read in the options, rather than the current home-brewed, get-opts style kludge.

I may also scrap the command-line version and merge naquela_www into v0.9, to make it much more like analog. Hopefully, after that, there'll be a few bug fixes, and v1.0 will hit the download site :)

However, it's my birthday tomorrow, so don't expect anything *too* soon!

7 July 2002: Two bits of news:

Documentation is now up at

I've tried to make it as readable as possible, but any comments welcome!

Also, Version 0.7 of naquela is ready to download. Mainly fixes a bug affecting the order that dates are printed (it was really screwy before). Download from here

I'm afraid that the online "naquela_www" version is still languishing at v0.4. Maybe in a couple of weeks it'll be updated.

OK, it's now just gone midnight on July 2nd. FIRST FILES ARE READY FOR DOWNLOAD!

[Links removed, due to more recent versions being ready, see above...]

There is documentation at the top of the files, although I do intend to make some proper docs at some stage. Any questions, please e-mail me.

26 Jun 2002: I'll put up "software written to date" real soon...

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